Magical Mishaps: 100 New Wild Magic Surges

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my debut title on the DM’s Guild, Magical Mishaps: 100 New Wild Magic Surges, available now as a pay-what-you-want PDF.

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you’re playing with the very fabric of the universe, sometimes those mistakes have surprising, harmful, or spectacular consequences.

Tired of rolling on the same-old table of 50 magical effects from the Player’s Handbook? This table provides 100 brand-new effects that can be used as sorcerers’ wild magic surges, hazardous effects of casting in an area that crackles with magical energy, or any similarly appropriate situation. Cheat sheets for relevant spell effects and monsters are also included.

I hope you find this document useful and fun! I’d really appreciate it if you left a rating and/or review at the DM’s Guild, or leave a comment here — especially if you have any stories about how these consequences played out in your own game!

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