Product Catalog

Collected here are all the products I’ve released on the DM’s Guild, and perhaps eventually, on DriveThruRPG or other storefronts, as well. Currently, all of these are available as pay-what-you-want titles.

Players’ Options

The Hand You’re Dealt: Determining Ability Scores by Playing Cards
Alternate Character Sheet: A New Look for Your Character’s Story and Stats
Ability Score Feats: Six New Character Options to Promote Interesting Play
Feats for Ravnicans: Customization Options for the Unique Denizens of the City of Guilds

DM Resources

Fumbles & Crits: A Unique Approach to Hard Hits and Wild Misses
Magical Mishaps: An All-New Collection of 100 Wild Magic Surges

Pregenerated Characters

Volume I:
The Goon Squad


All Material Spell Components
All Player Options