Premade Characters, Volume II: Angels & Demons

When I introduced my first collection of premade characters, the idea was that I could crank these out pretty quickly in the long pauses between bigger releases. So much for that! But finally, here’s the second installment.

In Volume II: Angels & Demons, you’ll meet tieflings and aasimar with strong ties to their home planes:

  • Hadriel, the scourge aasimar who channels his divine blood into works of magic. He has spent so long practicing pious devotion that he seems a little naive as he wanders the material plane.
  • Korban, the fallen aasimar who swore a sacred oath of vengeance. Wrongly accused of heretical acts, Korban has been cast out of the angelic society that was his birthright. Now, he vows to find those who betrayed him and put their hearts on a skewer.
  • Lilith of Brenton, who serves in the Blood War by Zariel’s command. With an iron
    will, she staves off the endless flood of demons pouring out of the Abyss.
  • Malachi, a valor bard with the voice of an angel. Literally. But when he stops singing, he’s likely to put his foot in his mouth.
  • Naberius, a feral fiend without a home who’s spent years scurrying among the stacks in the libraries of Dis. He’s studied religiously to learn how to wield the heat of the Inferno with one hand and the chill of Cocytus with the other.
  • Szarlatan, a trickster devil who compulsively solves mysteries when they’re not toying with the minds of others. Basically, they act like Sherlock Holmes in the daytime and Professor Moriarty at night.

These characters are available as a pay-what-you-want title on the DM’s Guild, and if you simply like the look of the character sheet, I’ve made that available for you, too.

I hope you’ll let me know if you enjoy using any of these characters in your game!